Prices, Auction Records, and Representation  ( good site but there is a user fee for detailed searches).  (Search  “Modesitt” at that site). It does not include European sales at Christies but images are included. There is a fee for detailed access. Very accurate for USA sales only.

(limited overview of public prices at auction for Modesitt but it is free)


Gallery France, Dordogne, France

Chemin direction du Château

(Pedestrian zone direction to the Castle) 

24220 Beynac et Cazenac



Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, California

Altermann Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Island Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii

Museum of Impressionism, DUrango, Colorado

Manitou Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M.

David Cook Gallery, Denver, Co.

Eckert & Ross Gallery, Indianapolis, IN.

Contact 858 232-8906 for the price of any painting on this website. The price range is around $800 to $20,000 DEPENDING ON THE SIZE.

Public sales records for John Modesitt at auction are shown below. The best way to see if an artist’s paintings have value is by looking to see if there are any auction records. Keep in mind, with auction houses, there is no sales person and the price is dictated by the demand of the public. An art gallery can inflate prices and put whatever price they want on a painting. Auctions offer the most stable way to evaluate art. Modesitt has over 100 auction records throughout the world, giving his work a strong reference point to judge worth. Very few living artists have this advantage. Buyers can have confidence that his paintings have resale value and they getting it for the right price.

The links below provide access to public records. A buyer can use these auction records to gain confidence in their purchase of a Modesitt painting. It is important to note that a large painting sometimes sells less than a smaller painting. The reason for this is that there are a lot of older works that appear in the market. Newer paintings have a much higher resale value, even if the painting is smaller mostly due to the artist’s improving skills.