John Modesitt: Impressionist Painter

   I had a desire to paint when I was 12 years old. At that time, I only had watercolors to work with and cheap paper. I had no reference material, only a Renoir poster my father purchased in Europe. He also had a Picasso print in a frame and one other print of a ship at sea. The ship painting fascinated me because it showed the texture of some thickly applied paint. I think that is the first impressions I had that led
to a strong desire to paint. I thought at the time that that must be fun to do.

   Fast forward 45 years and you have what you see represented on these web pages. My love for painting and my love for nature merge as I am constantly seeking to improve on my skills. My love for the French Impressionists still show as I spent 20 years studying them in American and European museums. I still go to France and paint there. I have a special love for the Early California Impressionists as well and I still find locations similar to what they have painted. Fortunately, I can still find open spaces with beautiful flowering hills. There is something special and timeless when I am outside painting a scene that reminds me of the 1900's. I also love the great expanses of Montana and Idaho. I love the colors of the West and often paint Western scenes that depict Native Americans. The Eastern Sierras are an artists dream. Anywhere there is an unspoiled natural environment, there is something for me to paint. It is my passion to present to this world beautiful works of art in a timeless tradition.


“I owe a debt of gratitude to all the artists that went before me”